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Highband U-matic (SP)

Models Overview Features Specifications
  • High picture quality through new circuitry with improved Y/C separator, chroma enhancer and noise cancellation.
  • Dynamic tracking gives broadcast quality pictures ranging from normal speed in reverse to 3 times normal in forward, including still frame.
  • TBC connectible to take full advantage of Dynamic tracking
  • Sendhurst audio head and Dolby C noise reduction for higher signal-to-noise ratio.
  • 2 audio channels for independent recording and/or mixing to one channel.
  • Monitor output for separation of audio channels on playback.
  • Independent record/playback level controls for each channel, with switchable limiter circuits.
  • Comprehensive facilities built in for assemble and insert editing without and external edit controller.
  • Bidirex search: colour pictures up to +-10 times normal speed, mono pictures up to +-40 times normal, plus jog mode for field-by-field search.
  • Optional plug-in EBU time code generator/reader available.
  • RS-422 serial interface for flexible integration with editing and remote control systems (up to 2km disctance).
  • 36-pin parallel interface allows recorder to link with equipment using parallel control systems.
  • Dub in/out connectors for editing/duplication with minimum picture loss.
  • Removable control panel usable remotely, up to 10m, via optional BK-802 40-pin flat cable connector.
  • Control panel can be tilted 90° for operational convenience.
  • Front access to controls and loading aperture means machine can be stacked.
  • 19" rack mountable (6 units high) with optional BK-805 rack mount kit.

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