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Type 2 U-matic

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V0-2630 Specifications

Video recording system:
Rotary two-head helical scan system

FM recording

Colour signal:
Converted subcarrier direct recording

Video signal system:
Recording CCIR standards PAL/SECAM
Playback CCIR standards PAL/SECAM & NTSC4.43 colour


1.0Vp-p+1.0-0.5Vp-p, 75 ohms, unbalanced sync negative
LINE: BNC connector
TV: 8-pin connector

LINE: BNC connector
TV: 8-pin connector
1.0Vp-p +- 0,2V, 75 ohms, unbalanced sync negative

Horizontal resolution:
300 lines monochrome,
250 lines color


LINE: -10dB, 100k ohms
MIC: -60dB, low impedance, unbalanced minijack
TV: (CH-2 only) -20dB, 100k ohms 8-pin connector

LINE: -5dBm (at 47k ohm), unbalanced
MONITOR: -5dB (at 47K ohm), unbalanced
TV: -5dB (at 100k ohm), unbalanced 8-pin connector
HEADPHOMES: 8 ohms, phone jack

Signal-to-noise ratio:
Better than 45dB (at 3% distortion level @1kHz)

Frequency response:
50Hz to 12kHz

Wow and flutter:
Less than 0.2% P-P (DIN)

Tape transport:

Tape speed:
9,53 cm/sec

Recording and playback time:
60 min (with Sony KSA-60 U-matic videocassettes)

Fast forward time:
Within 6 min (with Sony KSA-60 videocassettes)

Rewind time:
Within 6 min (with Sony KSA-60 videocassettes)

Sony KSP, KSP-S, KCA-BRS, KCA-K, KCS-BRS, KCS-K type or equivalent


Power requirements:
AC 110, 110, 120, 127, 220 & 24OV, +- 10% (selectable), 50/60Hz +- 0.5%

Power consumption:

Operating temperature:
5°C to 40°C (41F to 104F)

Approx. 591(W) x 224(H) x 416(D) mm

Approx. 31.5 kg (69 lb 7 oz)

Supplied accessories:
AC cord, Operation manual, RF unit cover
Dust Cover, Timer recording adaptor FA-20 Optional accessories:
RM-420 Remote Control
RM-410 Remote Control
VDC-5 dubbing cable
RFU-220 series or RFU-250 series RF modulator
ANS-31 antenna selector
TU-1100 series TV tuner
DXC-, AVC-series video cameras
KC-1C cleaning cassette

VO2630 controls

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