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RM-500 Remote Control Unit
Remote Control Unit
  • Basic functions of a VTR can be controlled remotely
  • SEARCH buttons for picture search in both forward and reverse directions
  • Can be mounted into 19" EIA standard rack or console using optional RMM-502 rack mount metal or optional RMM-505 rack mount metal (in case of attaching two RM-500s)

See also the RM-580.

Specifications Power requirement:
DC 6.8V (+0.7V / -0.3V) supplied from the VTR.

Power consumption:

Operating temperature:
0C to 40C (32F to 104F)

Operating position:

Recommended VTR:
VO-5630/ 9600P, VP-5030/ 7030/ 9000P.

Approx. 424(W) x 60(H) x 124(D)mm

Cable length:
Approx. 3m (10ft.) with 33-pin connector.
Extendible up to approx. 18m (60ft.)

Approx. 2.0kg (4lb 7Oz) incl. cable.

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