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Frame Code Generator

Insertion of frame codes into the seventeenth and eighteenth lines of the vertical blanking intervals of the video signal.
Computer Interface Board

Provides an RS-232C interface to allow the VTRs to be controlled from a an external computer.
Auto Search Control Unit

Allows searching by frame code number.
Automatic Editing Control

Main editing unit for use with the VO-5850P/VO-5800PS
Automatic Editing Control

Edit controller for BVW, BVU & BVH VTRs
Auto Search Control Unit

There are two models available, the RX-303CE and the RX-353CE.
Remote Control Unit

There are two models available, the RM-500 and the RM-580.
Remote Control Unit

Provides basic search facilities
RF Kit

RF unit for all VTRs
19" Rack Mount Kit

Rack mount kit for use in mounting into 19" rack
Multi-purpose stand

For housing Type 5, 7 or 9 machines.
Time base corrector BVT-500
Time base corrector BVT-810
Time base corrector BVT-2000

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