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January - April 1999
This site has been under development since January 1999. At launch we have been able to include the 5, 7 and 9 series VTRs. We hope that more will follow.
May 1999
VO-2630 pages added.
June 1999
A new U-matic Lore article.
November 1999
Added BVE-910 edit controller BVT-500, BVT-810, BVT-2000 time base correctors.
December 1999
BVU-800 pages added.
January 2000
U-matic PALsite relocated to new server provided by 2020Media and "Supported by LRC" tags added.
March 2001
New U-matic lore article Learning on old 'uns
The URL of the Umatic Chat Page has changed to http://www.chat-page.com/umatic
January 2002
"Supported by LRC" tags removed.

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