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BVE-910 Automatic Editing Control
Automatic Editing Controller

This frame accurate edit controller consisted of a two parts: The keyboard and card rack unit.

By selecting from a range of optional plug-in interface boards which are mounted in the rack unit the BVE-910 can control almost all VTR formats including BVU, BVW (Betacam) and BVH (1 inch). It is capable of interfacing with up to 3 players and 5 sources (with the BKE-904 board).

It supports four GPI (general purpose interfaces) ports as standard signalling control of external devices such as telecine machines, DVE units etc.

Features include

  • Flexible editing
  • SMPETE/EBU Time code
  • Multi-event memory
  • Edit list management
Specifications Power requirement:
240V AC

Power consumption:

Rack unit 424 x 175 x 262 mm
Keyboayd 424 x 53 x 275 mm

Rack unit 9-12kg (depends apon cards fitted)
Keyboard 2.5kg

MC68000 microprocessor running at 8.0MHz clock

Edit modes
Insert and assemble editing for Video, Audio tracks 1,2,3,4 & cue tone


Edit accuracy
+/-0 frames (frame accurate)

Memory capacity
998 edits

Control systems
9-pin remote connector (RS-422)

15-pin connector, Relay contact and TTL outputs x 4

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