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tapes U-matic tapes come in many varieties and types. Sony's range of tapes set the standard. At present there are three series of tapes available: KSP, XBR and BRS. All types comes in two sizes. Large and Small. The smaller tapes are the only ones that will fit into the portable recorders such as the VO-6800 or the BVU-150.

The Tapes series available are:
KSP series
Small:KSP-S10, KSP-S20Large: KSP-10, KSP-20, KSP-30, KSP-60
XBR series
Small:KCS-10XBR, KCS-20XBRLarge: KCA-10XBR, KCA-20XBR, KCA-30XBR, KCA-60XB
BRS series
Small: KCS-10XBR, KCS-20XBRLarge: KCA-10XBR, KCA-20XBR, KCA-30XBR, KCA-60XBR

Here the number denotes tape running running time. For example a KCS-10XBR is a ten minute tape. In practice manufacturers always include a little extra tape to allow for lace-up etc, so the actual running time will be nearer twelve minutes.

The different series tapes are suitable for the different U-matic formats: Hi, Lo-band and SP. The KSP tape is the highest specification and is recommended for SP recordings, XBR for high-band and the BSR for Lo-band.

Other manufacturers producing U-matic tapes include Maxell, 3M and Ampex.

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