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Type 5 U-matic

Models Overview Features Specifications
  • Full automatic editing possible with the RM-440 control unit.
  • Bidirex search operation at 1/30th to 5 times normal speed forward and reverse. (10 times normal when KCS cassette is used.)
  • Preroll button to secure stable picture at edit-in point.
  • Dubbing connectors for editing or duplicating video signals.
  • 4-field colour framing system avoids colour flashing at edit-in point.
  • LED time counter indicates tape expired in minutes and seconds.
  • Mark-in function for fast location of particular points on tape.
  • Automatic stop in long pause mode (after about 8 minutes) protects heads and avoids tape damage.
  • Remote control/auto-search with optional RX-353CE or RX-303CE.
  • Connectors for optional time base corrector.
  • Microcomputer-based logic controls for direct switching between modes.
  • Full automatic rewind at end of tape.
  • Video recording level adjustable manually or automatically.
  • Limiter circuit minimizes audio distortion at programme peaks.
  • High definition still picture when PAUSE button is pressed.
  • Moisture detector prevents damage from condensation.
  • Two audio tracks for stereo/ bilingual recording and playback.
  • Digital servo system for stable playback picture.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Operates on wide range of voltages/frequencies without adaptation.
  • Mountable in 19" EIA standard rack or other racks to suit needs.

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