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Portable U-matic

Models Overview Features Specifications
  • Lightweight, compact design for ease of portability essential for outdoor activities.
  • Playback during recording is possible through the camera viewfinder when the camera "return video " button depressed.
  • Tape remaining information can be seen through viewfinder of camera with "return video " button depressed.
  • During recording with camera, only STOP and EJECT buttons function, reducing risk of accidental interruption of recording.
  • Full range of alarms for end-tape, battery condition, humidity, slack tape, etc.
  • Intelligent high speed servo system ensures precise transport control of all functions.
  • Two video sources, possible by switching the VIDEO IN selector.
  • Picture search possible through rewind and fast forward modes.
  • Sendhurst audio head allows audio recording with high dynamic range.
  • Auto recording level can be controlled manually, or can be fully automatic.
  • Recorder will operate with external sync system when a synchronizing signal is connected to the VIDEO IN connector during playback.
  • Real time counter with LCD indication in minutes and seconds.
  • Audio dubbing allows commentary, music. effects to be added after video recording.
  • Can be powered by Sony NP-1 rechargeable battery pack, or optional CMA-8CE camera adaptor for AC power.
  • Independent meter for checking battery condition.
  • Battery easily inserted and removed without interrupting recording.
  • PAUSE operates in record, audio dubbing and playback modes. Still picture obtainable when playback and audio dubbing are paused.
  • Playback through conventional TV receiver by using optional RF unit.
  • Optional RM-690 remote control unit allows basic function upto 50m distance.
  • Supplied protective carrying case facilitates operation without opening the case.

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