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Type 5 U-matic

Models Overview Features Specifications
  • Fast (x5) picture search in FWD and REV modes, with colour pictures.
  • High quality noiseless still picture in pause mode, with quard band noise limit to upper/lower portions of picture.
  • Automatic stop in long pause mode (after about 8 minutes) protects heads and avoids tape damage.
  • Large function buttons for ease of operation.
  • Logic control allows direct switching between modes.
  • Programmable rewind/repeat/continuous play facility operates between designated points on tape.
  • LED digital tape counter tape time counter enhances performance and programmed operations.
  • Optional timer for unattended playback.
  • Optional RM-690 remote controller with 5m cable for playback and search functions.
  • Optional RF modulator for playback through domestic TV set.

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