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Type 9 U-matic

Models Overview Features Specifications
  • FM carrier frequency of 5.6 MHz-7.2 MHz (0.8 MHz up on normal high band) in the SP mode allows more luminance/chrominance bandwidth for even higher record/playback picture quality.
  • Luminance resolution improved to 300 lines for clear, vivid and highly detailed colour picture.
  • Fully compatible with high band U-matics in luminance signal deviation (1.6 MHz) and chroma sub-carrier frequency (924 KHz).
  • Can handle standard/high band and SP tapes, with built-in auto-selection of system, plus Dolby in/out detection when playing back Sorry KSP tapes.
  • State-of-the-art circuitry includes new Y/C separator, noise canceller and CCD based dropout compensator for improved luminance resolution and reduced luminance/chrominance ringing.
  • Dolby C noise reduction improves audio signal-to-noise ratio to better than 7OdB (measured by CCIR/ ARM filter, RMS).
  • New sendust head and record/playback circuits improve audio frequency response and raise non-Dolby signal-to-noise ratio to better than 52dB in SP mode.
  • Audio dubbing (music/commentary etc) possible on separate channel provided.
  • XLR balanced input/output audio connectors for extended signal transmission and direct connection to professional audio products.
  • Frame code capability facilitates sophisticated programming functions, bringing new precision to auto search/repeat and random access.
  • RS-232C connection through optional BKU-701 Computer Interface Board allows operation from external computer or RX-707 auto research control unit.
  • 33-pin parallel interface for remote control of basic VTR functions through RM-500 or RM-580 options.
  • DUB IN/OUT connectors for high quality record/playback/ duplication and minimal generation loss in all 3 modes.
  • Composite video input for all 3 modes, with auto-sensing of SP/high band tapes.
  • Real time counter gives LED display of tape running time to +-99 min 59 sec, or frame code display when BKU-701 is fitted.
  • External sync/TBC functions for smooth multiple VTR operation.
  • Quick-start from pause to playback within 0.5 sec when TBC switched on, facilitates sequential playback.
  • Programmable repeated playback of two segments possible setting in and out points by CTL or Frame Code.
  • Works with AC on/off timers for unattended automatic record/playback.
  • Optional RM-690 simple remote controller can be custom-wired for operation from 5 to 50m distance.
  • Bi-directional fast search dial gives pictures from still to 5 times normal speed, and to 8 times normal with optional RM-580 remote controller.
  • Excellent still picture in pause mode with guard band noise limited to very top and bottom of screen.
  • Long pause mode automatically loosens tape around head after 8 minutes in pause mode, to prevent tape/head damage.
  • Digital hour meter indicates head usage by 50-hour stages to 9,950 hours.
  • Built-in diagnostics improve serviceability by aiding the detection of faults and defects.
  • Optional plug-in RF modulator RFK-660 UB allows playback picture to be monitored on ordinary TV receiver.
  • Fits 19-inch ElA standard rack with optional RMM-507 rack mount kit, saving space and easing maintenance. The VO-9600 is 4 units high.

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