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RM-440 Automatic Editing Control
Automatic Editing Controller
  • Bidirectional film style search with search dials
  • Fully automatic editing control when combined with a pair of video cassette recorders.
  • Editing points can be located quickly and accurately in both forward and reverse directions.
  • Preview function: editing previewing can be done by pressing the PREVIEW button (when combined with the VO-5850P or VO-5800PS)
  • Auto-pause function for easy assemble editing (with the VO-5850P or VO-5800PS)
  • Can be used with NTSC version editing VTRs.
Specifications Power requirement:
DC 6.8V (supplied from VTR)

Power consumption:

Digital tape time counter:
7 digits +- hour 59min, 59sec, 24 frames (by counting the CTL signal being recorded)
25/30 frames selectable

Auto edit accuracy:
+- 2 frames (with the VO-5850P)


Recommended VTR:
VO-5850P, VO-5800PS

390(W) x 75(H) x 220(D)mm

2 kg (4lb 7oz)

Supplied accessory:
Remote control cable RCC-5E x 2 (20pin / 33-pin)

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