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RX-303CE Auto Search Control Unit
Auto Search Control Unit
  • Quick, automatic location of a particular position on the tape (called "Address search")
  • Playback of 8 segments in any desired order "segment search"
  • Repeat playback of the programmed 8 segments "repeat search"
  • Interruption of a programmed segment playback and resumption of playback after interruption is possible.
  • Skip and return functions

See also the RX-353CE model.

Specifications Power requirement:
DC 6.5V +-10% supplied from a VTR

Power consumption:
2.5W max.

Operating temperature:
0C to 40C (32F to 104F)

Operating position:

Address mode; 5 digits (max. 7hr. 59min. 59sec.)
Segment mode; 2 digits (01 - 63)

Standard signal:
Playback; control-track signal recorded on the tape

+2 sec. per search

Data input level:
-12dB to -5dB (0dB=0.775V rms)

20-pin connector, min plug for data reading

Applicable VTR:
All Type 5/7/9 VTRs

2m (6.5ft.)

Approx. 550g (1lb 2oz)

Approx. 92(W) x 38(H) x 180(D)mm

Supplied accessory:
Plug adaptor

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