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Portable U-matic

Models Overview Features Specifications
  • Magnesium die-cast alloy frame in a lightweight, compact and rugged design.
  • High quality picture via improved circuitry, including improved Y/C separator.
  • Special record/playback circuitry for Sony SP tapes.
  • Video confidence heads for simultaneous playback during recording.
  • Full colour playback without need for external equipment.
  • Sendhurst head and Dolby C noise reduction for improved signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Auto/manual record level controls.
  • Independent (manual) level controls for 2 audio inputs, each with line/mic and impedance selector switch.
  • Jack socket for monitoring either or both audio channels.
  • Automatic backspace editing for clean transitions in sequential recording.
  • Rapid edit point/segment location at +-10 normal speed.
  • Comprehensive status/malfunction indicators via LED's in machine and camera viewfinder, plus audible earphone alarm.
  • Works with (and controllable from) Sony ENG/EPP cameras. Viewfinder playback possible.
  • Optional built-in time code generator BKU-150 shows time code or time tape.
  • Can be connected to time base corrector for broadcast quality playback.

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