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VO-2630 The VO-2630 is a workhorse U-matic play/record machine dating from the late 1970s.
BVP-5040 This is a basic playback only Umatic. It can playback PAL, NTSC4.43 and SECAM formats and is extremely easy to operate.
VO-5630 An easy to use recorder/player with full multi-standard (PAL/NTSC and SECAM) playback facilities. Automatic repeat is available to allow continuous playback looping.
VP-7030 This the Series 7 equivalent of the VP-5030. It incorporates an accurate Frame code system to allow more sophisticated remote control options.
VP-9000 This is a U-matic player only machine which can playback SP, High and Lo band tapes. It has a Dolby noise reduction system for improved audio quality.SPNRhiBand
VO-9600 This is a player/recorder which incorporates SP (Superior Performance) technology. It is capable of playing back in SP, High and Lo band modes. It also has a Dolby noise reduction system for improved audio quality.SPhiBand
VO-6800 This is a portable Lo band recorder. It has a four-tip video head drum for simultaneous playback and record.
VO-5800 This VTR is intended for use as a slave in an editing environment. It has full Jog/shuttle tape transport control and a dub output to ensure minimum signal loss during editing.
VO-5850 Designed as the master editing VTR. It sits nicely alongside the VO-5800 to form a two machine edit suite when coupled with the RM-440 edit controller.
BVU-800 This is fully controllable High band machine intended as an edit master VTR. It has both 9-pin and 36-pin interfaces. HiBand
BVU-850 This is the first of the Broadcast Video Units, or BVU, to be featured on PALsite. It incorporate Superior Performance (SP) technology and Dolby C noise reduction.SPNR
BVU-870 This BVU unit features Dynamic tracking enabling perfect, noise free, pictures from speed -1 to +3 times normal speed. When coupled with an optional TBC it gives outstanding broadcast quality pictures.SPNR
BVU-950 The SP U-matic machine can support Sony's plug-in time base corrector. It pioneered features such as search dial setting of time code and diagnostics which have become standard on the Betacam format.SPNR
BVU-150 This is the portable SP Umatic model and was intended for acquisition use. By modern day standards it's rather heavy but it incorporates some advanced features for its day. SP NR

Legend: SPSuperior Performance SP NRNoise reduction HiBandHi Band

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